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Dr. Semelka provides medical consulting for individuals experiencing Gadolinium Toxicity. His services include reviewing patient data, recommending specific tests, establishing and/or identifying treatment centers within proximity to the patient, overseeing the treatment process, updating patients on advancements in treatment, working with ancillary professionals involved in the case, and creating medical reports which can be used to submit to your insurance company, your records, and other purposes. Dr. Semelka in conjunction with colleagues at major medical centers have written some of the largest and definitive works on Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis and have written major works on deposition of gadolinium in the brain, which Dr. Semelka terms Gadolinium Storage Condition. He is a world authority on the subject of gadolinium toxicity in patients with normal renal function, which he has termed Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD). Dr. Semelka is the physician most qualified to establish this diagnosis in patients and generate reports on the confirmation of Gadolinium Deposition Disease, based on his extensive experience with these sufferers both in the clinical setting and in peer-reviewed publications. Dr Semelka and his colleagues have developed strategies to manage and treat subjects with the disease, which at present center on iv treatment with Ca-/Zn-DTPA. Research is ongoing into other types of chelation and also the critical ancillary component of decreasing immune response and immune modulation. At the present time pharmaceutical agents that are optimal for immune modulation for this condition have not been firmly established.

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