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SIAECM Scaffale:  Gregory. J. Madden  Warren. K. Bickel . "Impulsivity"Impulsivity
The Behavioral and Neurological Science
of Discounting 

This volume is an approachable, comprehensive overview of the behavioural science and neuroscience of our impulsive choices and their relation to delay discounting - the tendency to devalue temporally distant rewards or punishments, even though they may greatly outbalance the immediate benefit of our choices. The cutting-edge researchers who contributed to this volume have documented cross-species similarities in impulsive decision making and pioneered the neuroscience of impulsive choice. In this text they provide insights into harmless impulsive acts as well as those that dominate and destory lives.

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The Behavioral and Neurological Science of Discounting 

Contributors: Gregory J. Madden (editor), Warren K. Bickel (editor)

Anno di pubblicazione: 15 novembre 2009
Codice ISBN -
10: 1433804778
Codice EAN:    9781433804779 
Pagine: 456
Prezzo: £68.50
American Psychological Association


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