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SIAECM Scaffale:  Avis RUMNEY  "Dying to Please"Dying to Please
Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery 
II° Ed.

This second edition updates the important 1983 publication ('a gem' - Booklist/RBB) with a wealth of new information from the past 25 years.

The author, a recovered anorexic, draws upon her own life experience with the disorder and with treatment, and has combined this with extensive research to produce a comprehensive account of the symptoms, causes and treatments of anorexia nervosa. In this book, she covers the paradox of self-annihilation for self-preservation, the causes of anorexia, use and misuse of the Internet, attributes of the disease, and accompanying disorders. 

Therapies used to treat anorexia are discussed in detail, with helpful information for understanding recovery, approaches to different treatments, therapy for families, and interventions. The book also includes a directory of organizations for treatment of eating disorders and resources for information and referral.

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Dying to Please - Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery  II° Ed.
Autore: Avis RUMNEY
Anno di pubblicazione: 15 Jun 2009 
Codice ISBN - 10  : 
078- 443-782
Pagine: 190
Prezzo: £29.950
McFarland & Co


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