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SIAECM Scaffale:  Clinical Pediatric Neuroscience for Primary CareClinical Pediatric Neuroscience for Primary Care

General pediatricians see many patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions in their office practices, but few seem to feel much confidence in their capacity to manage these patients without assistance.Part of the "for Primary Care" line of books, this new text will be a survey of common problems in the pediatric clinical neurosciences for the benefit of primary care pediatricians."Clinical Pediatric Neuroscience for Primary Care" will provide a unique, coordinated presentation of neurological and neurosurgical perspectives on conditions arising in general pediatric practice. 

There has been no similar English-language book published that has joint neurological and neurosurgical editing for almost 30 years.

The topics include: History and Examination; Fetal and Neonatal Neurology; Macro- and Microcephaly; Craniofacial Deformity; Chronic Static 
Encephalopathy; Acute Encephalopathy; Learning Disabilities; Headache; Neuromuscular Disease; Brain Tumors; Traumatic Brain Injury; 
Cerebrovascular Disease; and more. 

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Clinical Pediatric Neuroscience for Primary Care

Contributors: Agustin Legido (editor), Joseph H. Piatt (editor)

Anno di pubblicazione: 15 agosto 2009
Codice ISBN - 10  : 
158-110-296- 8
Codice EAN: 978- 158-110-296-3 
Pagine: 350
Prezzo: £ 59.50
American Academy of Pediatrics 


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